Giant-Size Black Cat: Infinity Score #1 Review

Writer: Jed MacKay
Artist: C.F. Villa
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: December 8, 2021

I love Black Cat and have enjoyed Jed MacKay’s run(s) on the book. However, I wasn’t as much of a fan when MacKay made Felicia’s exploits more cosmic. I’m not going to say that anything is above Black Cat’s paygrade, but I loved when MacKay focused on Felicia and her team of Bruno and Dr. Korpse, which always felt more like a (very dysfunctional) family unit. So, does Jed MacKay tie up all this cosmic stuff and get back to the family aspect that I love. Surprisingly, he does!

If you haven’t been reading everything going on with the Infinity Stones in the past couple of years, I won’t throw shade at you. It’s been a long strange trip, going through multiple books and mini-series leading up to this. Even recently, they have been going through certain Annuals that included an ongoing backup story, and while the books were uneven at times, I’ve liked what we got so far. It all comes down to this issue (kind of), and Jed MacKay has some fun with the story and shows that while Felicia is always the smartest gal in the room, sometimes it’s better to have someone watch your back.

Without spoiling too much, Felicia’s plan to gather the Infinity Stone users was not very cosmic at all. Yea, the favor she asked of Star had nothing to do with Doctor Doom, and while Star flipped out over being duped, I had a huge smile on my face! It’s as if MacKay heard me bitching and moaning about Black Cat being more about family and waited this long to reveal that he knew that all along.

It’s a cool twist for Black Cat fans, but if you were here for the Infinity Stones, you might be disappointed. That story will continue in some other things down the line, which surprised me, but I am here for Black Cat, so I wasn’t upset.

This Giant-Size issue ends with Nick Fury being a complete gem, Felicia looking good in orange, and a wink-wink from MacKay that you can never keep a good gal down…especially when she has friends and family that love her. It’s a fitting end to MacKay’s time on the book, and hopefully, we will get another Black Cat solo series sometime soon.

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Final Thoughts

Giant-Size Black Cat: Infinity Score #1 is a nice ending to Felicia’s solo exploits. While I thought things got a bit too cosmic for the character, Jed MacKay gives fans a twist to show why. C.F. Villa’s art was great and while Infinity Stone followers might be a bit let down, this is an excellent issue for Black Cat fans. I am so much more the later so I really enjoyed it!


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