Moon Knight #2 Review

A Battle Of Wills

  • Written By: Jed MacKay
  • Art By: Alessandro Cappuccio
  • Color By: Rochelle Rosenberg
  • Letters By: VC’s Cory Petit
  • Cover Art By: Steve McNiven, Frank D’Armata
  • Cover Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: August 18, 2021
Moon Knight #2

Moon Knight #2 pits Mr. Knight against a horde of brainwashed seniors sent on the attack. The investigation leads to a villain hired to find out what happens when the Fist of Khonshu must defend himself against the people he’s sworn to protect.

Was It Good?

Not bad. Not bad.

I was slightly down on the last issue simply for it’s lack of anything substantial for existing Moon Knight fans. It was almost entirely setup and introduction for new readers. That’s fine if you know nothing but a waste if you already have at east the basics down.

Here, the introductions are out of the way and we can get on with the fun and games, so it’s a step up in terms of having something new to read.


Moon Knight investigates an escalating series of attacks by elderly folks who speak with a hive mind during the attack and remember nothing afterwards. With the barest of investigation time and effort, Mr. Knight figures out the temporary, elder zombies all come from the same apartment building, and once he arrives to check it out, the villain-of-the-minth gives himself almost immediately.

The mechanism of mind control is… gross, but Mr. Knight plays to the villains vanity to get him to try and mind control the Fist of Khonshu. Once inside Mr. Knight’s mind, the villain is (too) easily overwhelmed and rendered catatonic. All wrapped up in a nice little boy, however, the villain’s employer is observing everything to understand about Mr. Knight for some future purpose.

The concept of sending in an expendable hired gun to test the main hero’s capabilities is not new, and it works well enough here, but it’s not particularly original. On top of the unoriginal plot, the investigation and resolution is just too quick and easy. Mr. Knight barely had to lift a finger the entire issue. If this was meant to be a test, we didn’t learn much other than Mr. Knight is ten kinds of crazy… and we already knew that.

To be fair, the art is good or at least better than average, and the pacing is brisk. There’s simply not much meat on this bone.

Bits and Pieces

Moon Knight #2 is well-structured comic that looks and sounds good. That said, the plot is boilerplate vanilla, and the pieces fall together too quick and too easy. In short, this issue was decent but forgettable.


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