Power Pack #5 Review

Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Nico Leon
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 14, 2021

This mini-series surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. It shouldn’t have since I love young heroes, especially siblings fighting baddies and loving every minute of it. Ryan North did such a good job navigating through Outlawed and made me wish this was an ongoing series, not one that is ending with this issue. So, how was this finale? Let’s find out…

Of course, the big thing going into this issue was what plan the Powers kids and Wolverine came up with to defeat the Wizard and get back their powers. Well, I can tell you that it wasn’t what I expected, may end up a tiny bit forced, but it is 100% fun!

The issue opens with the awesome recap page by Katie, and then it’s right to the plan. The kids get into their super suits as we get a little information about its setup. The best part is that all the kids were involved, but we also learn that Wolverine is a good tailor and may have eyes for Broadway!

I don’t want to spoil too much, but the plan involves fooling the Wizard into thinking he didn’t drain all the powers from the Power Pack. To do that, they set up an elaborate spectacle covered by the media where they fight… now that would spoil all the fun. It is hilarious, though, and if you have been enjoying this book so far, this ups the ante even more.

Besides making me smile, the plan also shows the reader how brilliant Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie are. They use everything they learned about the Wizard to make things work and bring down the bad guy.

In the end, they get their powers back and even continue with Agent Aether as their (more robotic) sponsor and keep up the good thing that the Wizard set up at the beginning of the series. Yep, everyone deserves electricity, and they are going to do their part! It’s a nice tidbit that again, made me smile.

I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet, but this book made me smile! That goes a long way with me, and I am despondent this is just a mini-series. I know there is a stigma with the “all-ages” tag, but seriously, everybody can and should enjoy this mini. The story and art (I still wonder why Katie and Julie swapped hair color) were excellent throughout, and seeing brothers and sisters come together to defeat evil while hiding their identities from their parents is a perfect recipe for fun. Speaking of that, Ryan North throws a twist in that shows why Katie has been giving us the recap pages and what this book REALLY was about by the end. Guess what? It made me smile!

Final Thoughts:

Power Pack #5 was a great ending to a great mini-series. As long as you like to smile, you will love this book. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-ages book because it brings out the kid in everyone reading it. I highly recommend it!


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