Weird Science Manga & Anime Podcast: Shonen Explosion Manga Show Ep 3 – Dr. Stone Chapter 1 “Stone World”

It’s a crossover!!! If you didn’t already know, we have a Manga & Anime Podcast and here is an episode to check out. The Weird Science Manga & Anime Podcast (I know, original) has four shows a week! Here is our schedule:

Monday: Manga Monday Show
Thursday: Shonen Explosion Show
Friday: Anime Review Show
Saturday: Luke’s Like that Manga Read this Manga Show

Dr. Stone Chapter 1 Manga Review

Dr. Stone, a Manga that invite stone puns, because it rocks!  Get it?!?  Check it out and stay tuned for this week’s Friday Anime show which begins a new way of doing things, not tied down to anything but requests, whims and the like.  This week we will be doing Highschool DxD Episode 1! Make sure to subscribe and rate the show, and email us @ . Check us out on Twitter @weirdmanga and get early access to 14 episodes @

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