Miles Morales: Spider-Man #24 Review (Second Opinion)

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Carmen Nunez Carnero
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 24, 2021

Outlawed is over, so we can all celebrate our young heroes being able to be their super-selves once again. I know there will still be silly ramifications to deal with, but I am happy for the little things in life. So, what’s Miles going to do in his book? Well, it seems that after dealing with Ultimatum, it’s time for a bit of Clone Saga action. I know that many people are shaking their heads right now, but Ahmed has earned enough trust from me to give it a chance. So, how does he get the ball rolling? Let’s see…

The issue opens with Miles talking about both Outlawed and King in Black being over. What is this a holiday or something, because I am getting things from my wishlist coming true right here! Add Kamala as a guest star here, and we just checked another box.

Now, I am not saying that Kamala and Miles should and will be an item coming up, but the way Ahmed writes them together, I wouldn’t be against it. It’s nice seeing these two together, and I am glad that Ahmed got to write Kamala here because it does put a cap on her solo book, especially addressing her relationship with Bruno. I wanted them to be together so much, but seeing Kamala and Miles play some “Sportsball” had me thinking…

Their game (it is basketball, by the way) is interrupted by an emergency, and while they are still a bit worried about Kamala’s Law, it felt like a thing of the past when they save a mother and her baby from a fallen building.

After learning it’s all the fault of a shady landlord, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man visit him, and Miles tightens the screws on his jerkoff face. Seriously, Miles may have gone too far if Kamala wasn’t there to stop him.

After a pleasant conversation and some mint chocolate chip ice cream (the bullcrap green kind), Miles heads home, and that’s when we see where the book is headed. There is another Miles-looking Spider-Man up to no good in his neighborhood, and it is not fresh at all! If you aren’t sure what’s up, look at the following issue’s cover at the end.

This is a combination of cooldown and set up, and while I liked it, I think non-readers should hold off until the next issue where the real fireworks are bound to start. Still, if you have been reading this, and Ms. Marvel, I think you will have a smile on your face from the art and story centering on two of my favorite characters.

Final Thoughts:

Saladin Ahmed gives Miles Morales (and Kamala Khan) fans a cooldown issue that ends with a Clone Saga cliffhanger. This may not seem like much to those just here for the upcoming story, but longtime readers of both Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel should enjoy it.


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