Iron Man #7 Review

Written By: Christopher Cantwell
Art By: CAFU
Colors By: Frank D’Armata
Letters By: VC’s Joe Carmagna
Cover Art By: Alex Ross
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 17, 2021

In Iron Man #7, Tony Stark and his ragtag crew are zooming through space in pursuit of Korvac’s ship. While they make preparations to engage a space battle to stop Korvac before he reaches TAA II, Tony and Hellcat hatch a plan to get inside Korvac’s head…literally.

Was It Good?

Credit where credit is due, it’s better than the how Cantwell started the series, so the current Iron Man gets the award for most improved.

The art by CAFU and the team has always been good. If you liked it before, you’ll like it now.

What’s It About?

We start with Tony and Rhodey overpowering their respective suits to give Korvac a power-packed punch when they get close enough. Energy weapons won’t work, so they put everything into brute force. Rhodey expresses concern for this strategy because the adjustments could backfire and kill Tony, further emphasizing the theme prevalent in this series that Tony Stark is on a self-destructive streak.

Meanwhile, Misty Knight, Scarlet Spider, Gargoyle, and Frog-Man discuss the existential existence of god and life. No, seriously.

Later, Patsy and Tony are alone talking about the mind link she has with Korvac. Their relationship is growing, and you can feel a strong romantic connection between them. They decide to try and turn the tables by pushing into Korvac’s mind so they can sus out his plan for further action. And it works.

Korvac is suddenly pulled into a telepathic meeting with Patsy and Tony where they argue over the merits of Korvac’s goals. Tony, sincerely, asks to see Korvac’s grand vision. Korvac complies but the results are so bland they fail to impress.

Korvac is unamused by Tony’s criticism by the utopic vision, but before the argument escalates, Tony is suddenly zapped away.

Without spoiling the ending, a space battle commences, Korvac doesn’t know what happened, and Tony makes some new friends.

Final Thoughts:

Iron Man #7 takes the desperate space chase and throws a big monkey wrench in the works. The existential discussion about the meaning of life was interesting, if a bit out of place, and the twist at the end is a true surprise leaving you to wonder what happens next.


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