Marvel Rebirth on the Horizon?

Do you guys remember DC REBIRTH? Well, according to Tom Brevoort (Marvel Comics Executive Editor), it looks like Marvel is heading down that very same path in 2021.

Excuse me?

Now, if we could take a step back, we’d realize that there is no way in God’s Green Earth that Marvel will call this reboot, restart, or whatever you want to call it “Marvel Comics Rebirth”. That’s just silly. DC COMICS basically used it as a trademark. However, Brevoort used the term “rebirth” as a way of describing the next phase of Marvel Comics as his virtual panel came to a close on Saturday at Brazil’s CCXP.

Brevoort was on a panel that discussed the next AVENGERS story called “Enter the Phoenix”, which also included JASON AARON and JAVIER GARRON who helped design artwork for the event. To an outsider, MARVEL COMICS is heating up.

AVENGERS #38 laid out some outstanding storylines on the horizon of the comic landscape. Doom the Living Planet. Wolverine with the Phoenix Force. Howard Stark as a servant for Mephisto. These are all shaping up to be intriguing storylines. Nonetheless, Brevoort didn’t reference any of them. Yet, he did say (to paraphrase) that the Phoenix Force usually brings devastation and lays waste to the Marvel Landscape. But, what follows is “rebirth” (his exact words). Thus insinuating a transformation to take place after the ‘Enter the Phoenix’ narrative.

Anyone who has been reading the AVENGERS storyline by Aaron since it began at ”Fresh Start” would note that this run has been all over the place. From Space Opera’s and Celestials to prehistoric Avengers and Moon Knight, this series has been all over the place. Aaron has been quietly leading the charge to something big and this very well could be it. Maybe it won’t be called MARVEL REBIRTH? Maybe it will be called MARVEL RESURRECTION? Maybe they’ll call it MARVEL RESURGENCE? Or maybe MARVEL REVIVAL? ( You can have those names Marvel just give me the credit ) Regardless Marvel Fans, get your popcorn ready! Something big is coming in 2021.

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