Learn what’s next for Tony Stark in an exclusive video interview!

New York, NY— August 13, 2020 — Tony Stark reignites his engine next month, when Eisner-nominated writer Christopher Cantwell (Doctor Doom) ushers in a new age for the armored Avenger in IRON MAN #1. Joined by top artists CAFU and Frank D’Armata, Cantwell promises to take Tony Stark back to basics, putting aside his high-tech toys and high-profile image so he can get his hands dirty as a Super Hero again. Suited up in brand-new armor designed by the legendary Alex Ross, Tony will struggle to keep his Stark-sized ego in check when a deadly threat emerges from his past.

Click HERE to watch an exclusive video interview with writer Christopher Cantwell, packed with never-before-seen interior artwork from the debut issue! 

“He’s a man who thinks he’s a god and a god who wants to be a man. That to me boils down the conflict of the character. Tony’s ego has always been a major problem for him in his life,” Cantwell told Host Angélique Roché. “The book really starts with Tony taking a look at himself: ‘Who am I really? Who is Iron Man? I want to be a hero again, what does that mean?’”


Discover the inner workings of Tony Stark as he soars into the future when IRON MAN #1 goes on sale September 16th, 2020. Click HERE to preorder a copy! If you’re interested in some of Cantwell’s prior work, like is recent DOCTOR DOOM series, click HERE to follow the Amazon link to get your hands on this series as well as a few others. Additionally, if you’re all in on Slott’s current IRON MAN 2020 story, click HERE to grab some issues and trades. If you simply love IRON MAN, click HERE for some outstanding stories from the past. And finally, if you’re looking for something else to read, check out my Amazon Online Comic Shop by clicking HERE. Thank you all for the read and continued support. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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