Deadpool #6 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Kevin Libranda, Chris Sotomayer, and VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 5, 2020

I have not been a huge fan of Kelly Thompson’s Deadpool run so far. I haven’t hated it, I’ve just been a bit bored by it all. I realize that she is trying to give a different take on the character, which I would never throw shade at, but it hasn’t been for me. That can all change with one issue, and I am hoping that a trip to Krakoa will do the trick this month. Did it? Let’s find out…

The issue starts on the right foot with Wade and Jeff playing a type of Pokemon/War card game, which leads to a huge discovery. One of the monsters that Deadpool rules over is a mutant! It’s off to find Jelby (the mutant) and use him to get to Krakoa.

If you are a Hickman X-Men fan, you may have issues with the semantics in this issue. Kelly Thompson plays it loose, but she also plays it fun, which I want from a Deadpool book. So, when Deadpool and Jeff (running the caboose…or biting it!), get all inside Jelby to fool the Krakoan Gateway, I smiled and wondered about all the things that could go wrong for Wade!

Now, the reason Deadpool wants to go to Krakoa is two-fold. He is pissed off he wasn’t invited, and he wants to be cancer-free. The reason the mutants don’t want him on their island is simple; he will destroy it. So, for most of the issue we get a lot of fussin’ and a fightin’. Jeff shines as he attacks everyone (especially Storm), but seems to love Emma, who pets him and wants to turn him into a handbag. Through all of this, Deadpool calls everyone he meets a fascist way too many times. Besides that, though, there are a bunch of laughs to be had.

I know I have been begging for laughs from this book since it started, but it’s a shame that Thompson doesn’t go for more feels here. It seems like she almost goes there with Rogue, but the scene doesn’t last long enough to hit any real notes.

The X-part of the issue ends with Jilby staying on Krakoa (we hardly knew ye) and Jeff kind-of smuggling a flower off Krakoa. It’s the cliffhanger that will have fans of Thompson’s run anticipating the next issue, though, as Elsa is in trouble…ugly, eyeball in the hand trouble!

This was my favorite issue of Kelly Thompson’s Deadpool, not because big things happened, but because it was fun. I’m hoping that Thompson continues the goofiness even with the personal story that is coming up. Kevin Libranda draws the shit out of everything here and gets to have fun and draw some kickass mutants. I love his Wolverine and Polaris!

Final Thoughts:

Deadpool #6 is a fun road trip to Krakoa with great art and a bunch of laughs. Deadpool may not have gotten what he wanted out of it, but I did, and I hope that continues.


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