Marvel 2099: Punisher #1 Review

Writer: Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson
Artist: Matt Horak
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 27, 2019
Cover Price: $4.99

So far, I have not been impressed with the 2099 books. Maybe I need to know more about the source material, but as I’ve looked into things more, I like this new version even less. Besides that, it really feels like the writers are all out to confuse the reader more than tell a story and that, by the end, they really just want to punk us. Hey, if I’m going to get punk’d, I better at least meet Ashton!

The issue starts with Lt. Hector Tago reliving the moment he killed a civilian in the Vision Archive. Jake Gallows shows up to tell him that everything is never what it seems and away we go. It’s a cold open for sure, but I felt like a had a firmer grip on what was going on here than the other 2099 books I’ve read so far.

We continue with a propaganda shouting street cleaning robot on the loose and Tago dealing with the situation. The situation turns sideways and the robot may be human or Tago may be nuts or both. It all seems to be an A.I. upload from the Thorites and while that actually makes sense as your reading it, I just don’t care. There is no hook to get me at all involved with Tago or Gallows and since we are dealing heavy with the former, I’m guessing at this point that the end tweest is a switch of who we think is still Punisher 2099 and who actually is here. Add a social score system that is more cliche than clever and you can start guessing what my final score will be.

After getting a bit of Thorite wisdom from Hector’s estranged grandfather, we start seeing that Jake Gallows is a real piece of crap with a penchant for ultraviolence. As Hector deep dives into a growing conspiracy, he heads off to the big battle…as the Punisher. That’s where we see and hear how bad this future is and again, that Jake Gallows is a piece of crap!

It all ends with a Hector is dead, long live Hector moment so that we can get the Punisher of the future, but was a couple of pages enough? I guess time will tell, but for now, my answer is “NO”!

Another 2099 book that disappointed me. The story took to long to get going and when it finally got interesting, it ended two pages later. Overall, I didn’t like Hector enough to care about what was going on in this issue and definatley not enough to care if I ever read anything with him in it again. Add to that an art style I didn’t care for at all, and this is yet another miss for me. I guess I better stay in 2019 because this 2099 stuff is bringing me down.

Final Thoughts:

This book may have a cool concept, but it has way too many problems for me to recommend it. It didn’t feel like a Punisher book and took way to long to even get any Punisher action. The twist that these 2099 books seem to rely on was not shocking at all and didn’t do anything to elevate the story. Overall, another disappointing return to the Marvel Future.


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