Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #2 Review

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Lan Medina, Craig Yeung, Marcio Menyz
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 16, 2019

I was a big fan of the Agents of Wakanda when they showed up earlier in the Avengers. They had a G.I. Joe feel to them with a little creature commandos twist that I love. Jason Aaron gave the reader just enough to make them wish for more and for me, it’s a “be careful what you wish for” type of thing. Jim Zub took a fun and awesome concept and somehow made it boring by focusing on the characters most people know while some of the coolest were off doing pretty boring stuff. I hope that all changes this week or there is a certain guy who will have one less book to read each month.

The issue starts off in Oklahoma where we left off the last issue with a cool ass cliffhanger, but there is no Sentry right off the bat. It’s a shame, but instead, we get Okoye getting run through by Black Panther and I just shook my head because it’s all just a continuation of the fears this place is giving the Agents and again, it really, really should have been set up better.

We then head to see Janet’s fear that Tony Stark never loved her and it gets all tangled up in visions of Hank, and punching and nonsense. Throw in a Luke Skywalker in the Dagoba tree bit continuing with Okoye and then back to Janet battling the men of her mind and we go through more than half the issue with pretty much nothing interesting at all happening. WHY?!?!

We finally get to Fat Cobra and Sentry and somehow, Jim Zub has made me lose interest in the character I wanted to see most on this team. How is it possible that Jason Aaron could put him on the page for a second and I am all in, yet Zub tears it all down in an issue and a half? Maybe it’s the yakity-yak going on when I want to either see a huge throwdown with Sentry or Sentry joining the team. We finally get the fight option, but it’s more Fat Cobra versus Oklahoma dark town zombies than Sentry.

We continue with Thor showing up literally out of nowhere, and everyone punching Sentry. It would actually make a ton of sense for all the Avengers to be here, especially Tony since Sentry pretty much treated them like punks and up and left Stark hanging when he escaped his confinement when he merged with the Void the last time he was seen. It really doesn’t matter since the thing that made all that intriguing is just taken away in a page, leaving yet another character less interesting from being in a Jim Zub book. Since Zub announced he will be writing two-issue arcs, we finish up quickly and get a cliffhanger pointing us to space with Broo and Gorilla Man waiting for their time to shine.

I liked this issue less than the first and I didn’t much care for that one either. My biggest complaint is that, despite a crazy, fun team, this book is nowhere close to being crazy, fun or a combination of the two. Because Zub isn’t working to his book’s strengths, it reads like just another generic team book and does nothing to seperate it from anything else going on at Marvel right now. I liked the art a lot here, but I think this will be the last issue of Agents of Wakanda I’ll be reading, let alone reviewing. I have better things to do with my time and money…actually, I don’t which shows you just how much I am not enjoying this.

Bits and Pieces:

Jim Zub has a cool team at his disposal and yet decided to go pretty generic with these first two issues and the book suffers because of it. Maybe things will pick up the next issue when they head off to the Moon to meet up with Broo and Gorilla Man, but you’ll have to let me know since I am checking out with no regerts! Good Day Sir!


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