Runaways #25 REVIEW

Writer: Rainbow Rowell
Artist: Andres Genolet, Federico Blee, and Matthew Wilson
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 2, 2019

Recently, I read the ending story arc to the 2005-2008 run and even then the story arc, seemed a bit of a stretch. But, at least the story arc had a nice flow to it while this just feels like a continuous story arc with nothing actually happening. If they announced this series to be done at issue 30, I would not care. I just hoped the series would go out strong. When the series got done with Bo and Rim, the book seemed to be lost and had no clue where to go from there. Is Rainbow all out of ideas? Let’s dig in and find out…

We open with Molly trying to feed Gib’s hunger. The ongoing skit that started out funny quickly got boring and has just turned into eye-rolls whenever they bring it up. It makes me wonder what actually was his purpose in this book. Thankfully (saved by the bell), the alarm system alerted them of some construction workers. It seems normal right? But what doesn’t seem normal is when readers find out the announcement came from Karolina. Let’s go with the idea that someone spotted Karolina heading towards home whenever she goes out and saves someone. This then leads to the team asking some serious questions about what exactly is happening.

Time to come clean, as Nico and Karolina have to explain the extra activities they have been doing, especially their latest. As you remember from the last issue, we ended with this new hero out of nowhere to save Karolina and Nico. Well, it’s time to see what kind of hero he is. We learn that his name is Doc Justice and Victor might be part of the Doc Justice Fan Club. But, it seems like Doc Justice might be a fan of the Runaways as well. We learn that DJ (Doc Justice) has been keeping tabs on the kids and may have battled their parents a time or two.

With all that is happening, this should be good, right? Guess not for Chase. After everything he has done, he has now lost his home, especially after bringing Gert back only for her to not have the same feelings as him. Next stop, who knows. But, at least something is happening!

Final Thoughts:

Well, it seems like the book is finally doing something! The first problem I have with this issue is that the team was forced to leave their homes. It could have been just something simple and natural. Also, what’s going on with Gib? He needs to go. Other than that, a thoroughly enjoyable issue! The art is very good. This issue actually now has me excited for what’s to come. This may be the jumping on point that this book has been waiting for!


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