Marvel Comics #1000 Review

Written by: Al Ewing and a whole bunch of others
Art by: A ton of people
Cover Price: $9.99
Release Date: August 28, 2019

Alright, it’s time to party like it’s issue #1000! Oh wait, are we partying like it’s an 80 year anniversary? If there is one thing I hate, it’s showing up for a party thinking it’s one thing and finding out it’s another. Believe me, those people at that swingers party pretending it was my Uncle’s retirement party felt the same way! Let’s get to the review…

If you don’t already know, this anniversary issue is full of creative teams, each getting to tell little vignettes of characters specific to every year, starting in 1940 and ending in 2020…and beyond! Yes, there is an echo with that ‘beyond” It’s a cool concept that does kind of overstay it’s welcome by the end and really, there are some odd choices as you flip through the pages.

This really is a hard issue to review because what you get out of it is definitely contingent on what you know and care about going in. If you are a long-time Marvel fan that can spout out knowledge at 300 words per minute on your favorite Marvel BBS (that’s a thing still, right?), then this might be your dream come true (it should be to get out of your parent’s basement, but you know that is NEVER happening!) and I think you’ll love it. If you are, like me, a member of the Fresh Start Crew (beep boop) and just got involved in the Marvel neck of the woods a little over a year ago, you are going to left behind a bit…just the guy or gal in the corner wondering what all the hubbub is all about.

One thing that I think everyone will agree with, though, is that this book looks gorgeous! With so many awesome artists involved, that might be the understatement of the century, but I really loved just flipping through the issue over and over. Each creative team gets a page and just seeing it jump through the art styles was awesome!

As for the stories, they are mostly good. I’m sure almost everybody will be able to find their favorite characters and maybe even find some new ones. There are some odd omissions when it comes to creators, but this sort of thing always is a bit more down with the current zeitgeist when it comes to the writers at least. Still, there are a lot of new and old to read and look at as we page through 50 years and beyond of Marvel.

The other thing going on is the continuing story by Al Ewing. It’s okay for now, but it should end up paying dividends in the future. I will probably forget all about it by then, but hey, that’s because of my awful attention span!

Now comes the tough part…is it any good and is it worth the hefty price tag? I will say yes to both, but I’m not shouting loud and pumping my fist while doing it. Personally, the art saves the day for me and makes it a worthwhile purchase, but I already told you why above. I felt a bit underwhelmed because of my lack of knowledge and while that’s totally on me, that’s what a review is all about…my opinion of what I’m reading.

Final Thoughts:

This 1000th issue looked amazing and the more you know and love about Marvel, the more you will enjoy it. I am a newcomer so I felt like I was crashing the party a bit, but I still enjoyed a lot of what we got here. I wasn’t overwhelmed or underwhelmed reading this…I guess you can consider me whelmed.


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