Retro Review: Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man (1995) #1 Review

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Rick Leonardi
Cover Artist: Rick Leonardi, Al Williamson
Published: November 01, 1995

I figured with the return of Marvel Comics 2099, let’s bring you something from the future wall-crawler himself. But how well did both of the Spider-Men do in the opposite year? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start the issue with a nice nod to issue one of Spider-Man 2099. Boy, do I enjoy Peter’s witty banter in this issue! Miguel thinks he’s in his timeline and accidentally gets in the home of MJ and Peter, who then tries to get in bed with MJ. This was hilarious! Even though this comic came out over 20 years ago, it doesn’t excuse the force natural of that scene. If you love Scarlet Spider and his mouth, then you will enjoy Spider-Man 2099. But something fishy is happening in the background as we see someone watching them.

Both of the Spider-Men decide to check out the current state of New York and see what year they are in. This makes Miguel head over to the Daily Bugle, where he puts JJ in his place both now and later on in the book. If Miguel ever gets a live-action movie, I really hope they remake these two scenes.

Some more fishy stuff is happening as we can see Mr. Stone and the guys from Stark-Fujikawa talking. Somehow, readers get a feeling that they were responsible for the switcheroo.

Finally, Peter comes across a foe of Miguel’s called the Vulture. And, while I wish the fight lasted a bit longer, it was quite enjoyable. However, Vulture isn’t the only one Peter runs into from Miguel’s life. Like his brother, Gabriel sees Spider-Man on the roof from a far and accidentally reveals who 2099 Spider-Man is. In that moment, Gabriel came off as a clumsy fella before and here we can see why.

Both Peter and Miguel have interactions with the other’s inner group and then they disappear to the place where the fishiness is coming from, Alchemax. But Miguel got interrupted as Venom shows up. Now, I would love if we get a round two soon. Unfortunately, their battle was cut short due to the Avengers showing up and assisting, which felt odd.

When at Alchemax, another time portal opens and drags both of them to a different year. One where they have to face the Hobgoblin of 2211. Spider-Man of 2211 shows up to lead the assist and help the two overcome Hobgoblin.

Final Thoughts:

Well, the issue could have been better but it could have been worse! I don’t think the comic has aged well over the years. It is quite a fun read but the comic ended abruptly. The dialogue was pretty good, except for a couple of panels that felt a bit forced. The only thing I would change about this issue would be to incorporate longer action scenes with Peter vs. Vulture and Miguel vs. Venom. Would I recommend this? Yes, if you’re a fan of either Spider-man or even trying to get an understanding of Miguel.


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