Age Of X-Man: Apocalypse & The X-Tracts #5

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Salva Espin and Israel Silva
Release Date: July 10, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Well this is it. Not only last issue in this miniseries run, but the last issue before the big Omega issue, now that all the books have come to an end sort of way. Without reading the issue, my guess on how it will go is that it will show us how this world is not actually the legit world. But after that cliffhanger last issue, I expect a bit more than that. Going in this issue, I barely have much knowledge on Apocalypse so I am excited to see what Seeley has in store. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

P.S. before we begin, heel turn means when good guy turns bad and face turn means when bad guy turns good. Now we may resume the final issue of the X-Tracts, not the X-Tremists if you get confused at times.

If you forgot last issue, don’t worry they basically rehash it for you in the beginning of the issue. But thankfully how it was done, made it naturally and not a legit rehash. Otherwise, might feel a bit lazy. Now with 5 of the members knowing the truth, can expect some serious talks down the way. Just in time as Apocalypse shows up, not expecting the truth to be out there. All it takes is one punch for a heel turn to be revealed.

And the next part, just wow! Might be my favorite part of the whole run! We see Apocalypse being well Apocalypse. May not have liked the Apocalypse X-Men movie but now I want to go back and watch it just for this one scene. Apocalypse sucks up Unveil and with someone who has the power to manipulate people, I thought I knew what Apocalypse was doing especially after he said the word horsemen. But he doesn’t which feels a bit lack luster even for that epic fight scene we get. We know that this book won’t come to a complete end, as we still have the Omega special to deal with. So with Apocalypse and the four horsemen on Nate’s side, could have been pretty epic.

After the battle has been going on for so long, Apocalypse finally wants to talk to get his side of things. But when he his distracted, the team was finally able to take down Apocalypse. At this point, he is convinced it was Nate who betrayed him, though feels like a stretch. He shows them what he is like in other world so thus having a face turn. Which again felt a bit out of no where.

Final Thoughts:

While most of this run wasn’t something that I would pick up again, I will say this is my favorite issue in the mini. Sure some felt forced but that fight scene I had a smile on my face between the dialogue and the artwork! As much as I love the fight scene, I will admit that it was a bit of a let down when we didn’t get the four horsemen. If I am only reading this book, I am excited to see how the final battle goes especially with the cliffhanger. If I am reading all of the Age of X-Man books, cliffhanger seems a bit off. Would I recommend this to someone? Yes if they have’t read any of the other books that includes the Age of X-Man books. Great artwork, great scenes, and alright dialogue/ writing.


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