Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge #3 Review


Story by Ethan Sacks
Art by Will Sliney
Colors by Dono Sanchez-Almara
Letters by Travis Lanham
Edited by Mark Paniccia
Assistant Editor Tom Groneman

So far the Galaxy’s Edge series has been a curious one. The series takes an odd approach of embedding a main story within a secondary side story. It hasn’t been overly successful to date, seeming somewhat artificial. This issue sees the format take on one of the Star Wars Expanded Universes’ most beloved cameo characters Hondo Ohnaka. Let’s see how it gets on.


I have to say I thought that this was the best issue yet in the mini
series. Aside from the opening scene, there is a higher degree of
interrogation between the story components, and Hondo provides a good means of providing a higher degree of detail on Dok-Ondor’s back story. The actual back story itself is a very interesting one, throwing the action back to the pre-Rogue One era on the planet Jedha.

The ending of the book too hints at a greater degree of inter connectivity between this issue and the next, which bodes well
for a strong close. It is also notable in that it fuses a lot of linkages between a lot of new post-Disney characters and plot elements. It is notable because it does this very well and plays to the strengths. This issue we see Rogue One, the Sequel Trilogy and the Clone Wars and Rebels elements all woven together. The final page shows how that is going to continue next issue with another strong character from the Disney era. The only caveat is that it may be a bit
of a struggle for fans who don’t keep up with all the Star Wars output.


As always the art is very effective in this issue and the colors make
this book shine on the page. Couple that up with another beautiful cover from Tommy Lee Edwards, strong writing from Ethan Sacks, and a fan favorite character making an appearance and we have the best book of the series to date.


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