Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Ken Lashley
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 26, 2019

We get a lot more action this issue than previous, as Spidey tracks down his old frenemy Hobie Brown, aka The Prowler. Why would he want to rob a homeless shelter? Turns out, it’s complicated. Let’s dive in and get some answers.

New York’s Finest. Are investigating the break in and subsequent demolition of the Aunt May’s Homeless Shelter F.E.A.S.T- and the smoldering boomerang is enough to raise suspicions it might have something to do with Boomerang. We know Boomerang was only there to help (see last issue) and we also know the Prowler was… well, living up to his name and prowling around when it all went down.

Spidey tracks him down via his Ex-Wife who is all to happy to dish some dirt- we learn he turned his kitchen into a fully functional villain lair to steal some of The Kingpin’s money to help his friend who can’t afford surgery. One man’s way of ensuring anonymity is another’s money laundering, and Hobie sinks it all into the same crowd funding platform used to launch the homeless shelter. It’s run some bad dudes. We don’t know who, exactly, but they’re bad. Trust Spidey.

It’s all a big misunderstanding the whole break in thing, Hobie just wanted to follow the money trail to see who is behind it all! Instead of committing a felony to get the info, they decide to use Marnie to infiltrate the headquarters. They find out who is the behind Fairgray Pay, and needless to say, it’s not who we expected. Hopefully Spidey and Hobie can keep Marnie safe long enough to get in some vigilante accounting!

Final Thoughts:

for me, this continues to be the best Spidey book currently out. It has real, yet personal stakes to the story moves the story along nicely with a bit of action towards the end. It’s a quick read but very satisfying. Tom Taylor just nails the voices the characters without ever feeling preachey or contrived.


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