Asgardians of the Galaxy #10 Review

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art: Luca Maresca
Colors: Frederico Blee
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 12, 2019

Before picking up the first issue of Asgardians of the Galaxy, I had no idea what to expect. I’ll be honest, the only reason I even read the first issue was the clever name! I’m glad I did because it really was a cool series that is, unfortunately, coming to an end with this issue. Did Cullen Bunn end it well, despite it being saddled in with the War of the Realms Event? Let’s find out…

The issue opens up with Urzuul “Suiting up” Annabelle and Ren and I am reminded how sad I am that this book is ending. Bunn has made Annabelle one of my favorite characters and I know I’m just wishing, but I hope she somehow shows up a bit in the upcoming Jane Foster Valkyrie book.

Meanwhile, The War of the Realms rages on in Africa and while Okoye and Frank Castle are kicking some angel ass, Angela and Skurge are making it personal. When the rest of the Asgardian team shows up…I am again reminded how sad I am this book is ending! I’m sure you can sense a trend here.

Since it is the final issue, we get some good character moments, both happy and sad. Thunderstrike gets to quote AC/DC and Skurge gets to kick butt like it’s going out of style. Annabelle and Ren fight side by side and Angela gets to save the day while wrapping up her personal story in a very fitting way.

The issue’s ending is very Angela/Skurge heavy, but it pays off big time with a very touching bit for all you Skurge fans out there (come on, I know you’re out there somewhere!) and Angela finally calling forth the Naglfar Armada. It all wraps up in a satisfying way for our characters, even if the battle isn’t over yet.

Did I mention that I am sad to see this series end? Cullen Bunn has such a cool set of characters in this book and while it only lasted ten issues, I had a big connection with each of them. I could tell because I had a bunch of feels this issue from just about all of them…even Throg who is barely in it! I will miss this book and that is the honest truth. Cullen Bunn had something special going on here even as the book got wrapped up in the War of the Realms and he was forced to end it as a tie-in book. Seriously Marvel…you couldn’t have given him one issue by itself as a victory lap for us fans?

Final Thoughts:

Asgardians of the Galaxy comes to an end and Cullen Bunn does a really good job sending it on its way. I am going to miss this book and its crazy cast of characters, but at least fans get to say goodbye and it ends with the spirit that made this book so good.


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