Mr. and Mrs. X #11 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Oscar Bazaldua and Frank D’Armata
Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 22, 2019

Well with the news recently that this book will be cancelled in July, really hope Kelly Thompson gets some sort of X-Men book that will spin out of Hickman’s run, hopefully a team book. This run is solid! With more characters for her to use, more for them to interact and do stuff with. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The issue starts off with Remy making his way down to New Orleans. Unfortuently, with a crap load of narriation with just some stuff been happening with Scott and Logan as well as where Rogue is. At least we know where this book takes place with the Uncanny and Captain Marvel books. Remy busts into the Thieves Guild headquarters and kicks some serious behind! Which is strange because last we saw them in Amazing Spider-Man, they were really made it tough for Spidey and Black Cat to take them down. Gambit is a good fighter but he’s not one to be a better fighter than Black Cat. Though his fighting scene was a highlight of the issue!

We then meet the leader of the Thieves Guild, Candra, someone who I know nothing about but a very interesting character. Not long after, we find out that the Thieves Guild and the Assassins Guild have teamed up and Bella Donna, some girl from Remy’s past that obviously means something to him, blasts Gambit enough to knock him out.

Remy is locked up in chains and we get a reveal that they snucked into Remy’s place to bring them to Mojo in order to make a copy of the collar they use on Rogue to make one for Remy. Then we had to read some awful conversation between the two guards. Like Age of X-Man: X-Tremists issue 1 bad! Bella walks in and we get a little bit of backstory on them, maybe like 5% at most. Luckily Rogue is here to save the day, in order to get all caught up to speed she uses her new ability to suck they energy and memories into her. I will admit, that do enjoy seeing her like this bad butt she is! Determined to see her husband and won’t mind cracking skulls to do so. Unfortunately for her, as soon as she turns her back she gets blasted by both Bella Donna and Candra to knock her out. Which felt very cliche, defeats an army of goons and turns their back just to say one thing and they get knocked out.

Later she wakes up in chains, almost like Remy with a collar on as well. They have a few dialogue and then they get knocked out again. Made no sense. Only reason to have them have that small bit of dialogue was to have Rogue say how much he means to her and he comes first in her life, felt a bit forced. When they wake back up again later we see our cliffhanger which is Remy looks to see Rogue as a sacrifice.

Final Thoughts:

Now with only one more issue left, this issue felt rushed in some parts. Issue does show the love that they have for each other is strong, although isn’t that all we have been getting in this series as well. The artwork is amazing but wish they draw Rogue to look a bit older, not a fan of her looking like she is still in middle school. The issue was a bit underwhelming, but hey let’s hope it closes strong!


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