Avengers: No Road Home #10 Review

Writer: Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid
Artist: Sean Izaakse
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: April 17, 2019
Review by: Dispatch DCU

This weekly saga gets wrapped up with a confusing, yet thought-provoking ending that shows Vision defeating Nyx through life, thought, and creativity…. literally.

I enjoyed this run and loved the characters incorporated throughout however this issue somehow quickly wrapped up a story in a way that didn’t seem to flow at all with the other 9 issues. This Nightmare God collects all the shards she needs for total darkness kills the Gods of Olympus (which are back from the dead by the stories end BTW), and Vision can simply defeat her by imagining hope through every Marvel Super Hero ever made. How is this possible and why? The entire 10 issue story was good overall until the end. It just seemed like this creative team painted themselves into a corner and had to find some fluffy way to wrap it up.

That said, the art was beautiful as the story opened and as a stand-alone issue not being associated with any other issue in the series, the writing was clever, spirited, and full of life. Vision says, ”creation comes from light, not darkness.” With such hate, anger, and violence in our world today, how ironic it is that an android is the one who can see the true beauty of humanity.

Many view darkness and light as opposites like good and evil. However, I disagree and I think this creative team does too. Darkness is simply the absence of light. I feel the point of this issue was to show readers where there is hope, there is light regardless of how dark things may appear.

Final Thoughts:

If you’ve been reading this weekly saga until now, then the completionist in me says buy it! If you’re interested in a beautifully clever stand-alone issue, pick this up. If you’re looking for smooth cohesive answers to the story, you won’t get them here. However, you will get a well-written take on the human spirit, creativity, and the hope of human character as told by an android.


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