War of the Realms #1 Review

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Joe Sabino
Release Date: April 3, 2019
Cover Price: $5.99

It’s here! The big event, years in the making and if you’ve heard me talk on our podcast at all, you will already know this is something I have not been looking forward to. I know that’s something that you aren’t supposed to mention in the beginning of a review, but I am a big dummy like that and it will all mean more by the end when you see my score. So, how was this first issue? Let’s find out…

Since I jumped onto this whole Marvel thing with ‘Fresh Start”, I’ve found Jason Aaron’s Thor book to be the most intimidating to talk about and review. It relies so much on Aaron’s continuing run that I felt pretty lost, pretty quickly…and don’t get me started with the “Thor Speak” that can’t be helped, but still drives me nuts. So, with a whole lot of trepidation, I opened up this first issue and you know what? It felt like this was a story made just for me!

Now, I know that Jason Aaron wasn’t thinking about me while writing this (or was he?!?!), but he obviously had new readers in mind. Mot once did I feel lost or left behind and while that made me so happy, I could also tell that he was throwing things out there for long time readers as well. Things that would make them smile, but not leave a new reader like myself behind in the process. I can’t stress how well he pulls all this off in an issue that felt fresh, big and even fun.

As far as the story goes, this issue sets up the War, gives readers a clear idea of the sides and what’s at stake. You could look at it as a bunch of fight scenes strung together, but seeing Thor kick Frost Giant butt was awesome, watching Earth’s heroes join up with Asgardians to defend New York City felt big and important and watching the deaths of…Yea, I’m not going to spoil too much here, but it was pretty epic.

Epic, but not perfect. I thought that the tone got a little bit too jokey and while it fit the characters enough, it lessened the vibe of what was going down for me a bit. Also, the fight on Earth was a bit more contained than I thought it would be, but I’m sure that will change very quickly as we move on.

Overall, this was the start of an Event that seems to be for everyone and anyone who doesn’t mind buying a crazy amount of tie-ins and that sort of thing. With everything I’ve said about Aaron’s writing, the art might have actually stolen the show. This issue looks incredible! It is easily the best looking issue I’ve read since doing our site and podcast and that’s counting all comics, not just Marvel. I hate reviewer cliches, but the art here might just be worth the price of admission alone.

Final Thoughts:

I am happy to say that I am now full in on the War of the Realms Event. Jason Aaron gives us a start that is great for new and old readers alike and Russell Dauterman just kills it on art. With one issue Aaron has made me a believer.


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