Avengers #16 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: David Marquez
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 6, 2019

Reading and reviewing this book has been a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. That’s not saying the stories have been full of feels or anything, but is more about the book jumping around so much and not giving me enough to sink my teeth into before moving on to the next bit. I did say “sink my teeth” as a bit of a pun as we are in the midst of a Vampire Civil War here and while it started out as a cool aside, it already feels like it’s treading water a bit. So, what did I think about this issue? Let’s find out…

The issue opens with Robbie Reyes and while I thought this story was geared towards getting Blade in on the action, it now feels more like a way to get Robbie out. While his souped-up version is battling the Avengers on Earth, his soul is in Hell and he’s having a “hell of a time”.

As far as the action goes, the Avengers are fighting off the Shadow Colonel and his team (including Robbie) and while it’s visually cool and exciting, not much is really going on. It all just feels like Jason Aaron is trying to maximize his roster, but it’s all pretty shallow stuff. Thor yells, Cap punches and Captain Marvel talks trash until she doesn’t. We get no character work at all and when it comes to She-Hulk, we actually take more steps back than forward. While Aaron seemed to promise we’d get more of a fleshed out character in this series, Jennifer shows up to Hulk Smash and not much more.

I mentioned Blade at the beginning and he has the same problem. It’s so cool to have him on the team, but there isn’t a ton for him to do even in a vampire story. He shoots his gun and kicks ass, but not much else…until he saves the day. Well, he saves Robbie at least, but the explanation of what he does and the abruptness of it make it an eye-rolling affair. Still, it gets Robbie back on the Avengers…to be pushed out by the end. We still have to wait and see what happens, but it looks like Ghost Riders time in the spotlight is coming to an end.

As far as the Vampire Civil War, we get some cool scenes that show how far the Shadow Colonel will go to take down Dracula and by the end, we see his plans for a New (Vampire) World Order. It’s pretty big and has me excited for what’s to come…I just wish we got some better Avengers stuff in the Avengers book. Oh yea, the cliffhanger is awesome, but I will take a wait and see stance on what is going on.

I guess I have mentioned my biggest gripe a couple of times…I want more of the Avengers in this book and not just face-time, but actual character work. They have taken a backseat in this story and some of the work Aaron put in earlier in the series seems swept aside as well. They are here (or not in Tony’s case) to punch and yell and not much more.

I really liked the art in this issue and it’s one of those books that just pop off the page. I read all my books digitally and this one really looks good on my tablet.

Final Thoughts:

I am still interested in the Vampire Civil War, but I need more Avengers in their own book. They are side players here and even when they are on the page, they are just there to make some noise and not much else. I loved the art, but overall, this issue is middle of the road fare.


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