Black Panther vs. Deadpool #3 Review

Written by: Daniel Kibblesmith
Art by: Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Felipe Sobriero, and VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 19, 2018

I really enjoyed the first two issues of this mini-series and actually, prefer it over the solo runs of both black panther and Deadpool. I mean, where else are you going to get your T’Challa and Shuri fix mixed with Deadpool having a zebra head for an arm? I’m pretty sure the answer is only here. So, did this issue continue the awesomeness? Let’s find out…

This issue starts off by slowing things down a bit to develop the character who ended up showing up at the end of the last issue…Jack O’Lantern. That’s not a bad thing per se and it does have some laughs, but the whole time I just wanted to get back to Wakanda and our main characters.

We eventually get there and the issue picks up a bit. There is a nice moment with T’Challa and his mother while Shuri helps save the zebra head and gives Wade back his non-zebra arm.

The rest of the issue is Black Panther and Deadpool against Jack, but really ends up being Black Panther vs Deadpool once again. It’s not just about fists, guns, and swords though, but instead boils down to philosophies and the fact that T’Challa plain hates Deadpool.

By the end, we find out that Black Panther knew all along that the vibranium was to save Willie Lumpkin , but also it won’t work. That and Jack May have gotten his wish to finally die for real. I mean, it looked real…really bad!

This was my least favorite issue of the series. That is not as negative as it seems as it’s still a really good issue. The humor and art is still top notch, but the pacing of this issue felt a bit off. I am still fully onboard this mini and look forward to next issue.

Final thoughts:

I have really enjoyed this mini-series and while this issue was a little down from the first two, it is still well worth the read. This book has become my one-stop shop for both Black Panther and Deadpool and a little pacing issue isn’t stopping that now.


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