Strange Academy #7 Review

Although pitched to most readers as “Hogwarts for Marvel” Skottie Young shows us why Strange Academy could never be like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Simply put, Dr. Strange is no Professor Dumbledore. And to my knowledge Skottie Young is not transphobic. Continue reading Strange Academy #7 Review

Strange Academy #6 Review

It’s quite depressing knowing that when I read a book called Strange Academy, I learn nothing about the Academy itself, I don’t get to see how possible future heroes actually learn the Mystic Arts, nor do I get to see the bonding of friendships that usually occur when a group of children go to the same school. Strange Academy is just not the right title, but I guess “Random kids I’m forcing you to learn about know magic” just doesn’t have any profitability. Continue reading Strange Academy #6 Review

Strange Academy #5 Review

Written by: Skottie Young Art by: Humberto Ramos Colors by: Edgar Delgado Letters by: VC’s Clayton Cowles Release Date: 11/11/20 Price: $3.99 This title is mildly frustrating for the soul fact that we have a group of quirky amazing individuals who are suppose to be attending a magical academy to learn about all things magic, and all of that is in between the panels. The … Continue reading Strange Academy #5 Review