Strange Academy #6 Review

It’s quite depressing knowing that when I read a book called Strange Academy, I learn nothing about the Academy itself, I don’t get to see how possible future heroes actually learn the Mystic Arts, nor do I get to see the bonding of friendships that usually occur when a group of children go to the same school. Strange Academy is just not the right title, but I guess “Random kids I’m forcing you to learn about know magic” just doesn’t have any profitability. Continue reading Strange Academy #6 Review

Strange Academy #5 Review

Written by: Skottie Young Art by: Humberto Ramos Colors by: Edgar Delgado Letters by: VC’s Clayton Cowles Release Date: 11/11/20 Price: $3.99 This title is mildly frustrating for the soul fact that we have a group of quirky amazing individuals who are suppose to be attending a magical academy to learn about all things magic, and all of that is in between the panels. The … Continue reading Strange Academy #5 Review