Moon Knight #22 Review

Written by: Jed MacKay
Art by: Alessandro Cappuccio
Colors by: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover art by: Stephen Segovia , Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: April 12, 2023

Moon Knight #22 takes a breather for a Tigra-centric issue. Tigra finds her hunting instincts kicking in when a third incarnation of the Midnight Man appears to be robbing wealthy criminals.

Is It Good?

That’s right. Except for a little bit in the beginning and the end with Marc Spector, this is a Tigra issue. Why? Apparently, Jed MacKay needed a reason to dispense with the will they/won’t they tension and get Tigra and Moon Knight together as a couple, and this is how he chose to do it.

Except for one or two lines of dialog referencing previous developments, this issue is almost entirely self-contained. New reports persist about the latest person to call himself Midnight Man robbing mobsters and white-collar criminals around the city. Moon Knight is uninterested in pursuing a petty criminal, but Tigra has her hunting instincts kicking into overdrive.

Throughout the issue, we learn about Tigra’s past team affiliations and the circumstances surrounding her son’s unusual conception. In effect, this issue is a fairly decent character piece for anyone interested in getting to know more about Tigra.

Does Tigra eventually catch Midnight Man? Yes and no. She catches up with him, but the criminal’s identity is a twist that stirs the drama pot.
All in all, this is an odd Moon Knight issue, ut is serves as a helpful primer for Tigra fans.

Of course, Cappuccio’s art is stellar on every panel. We get a chance to see Tigra move with cat-like acrobatics in more than one scene, proving how nimble and potentially dangerous she can be.

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Final Thoughts:

Moon Knight #22 is an odd Moon Knight issue in that it has almost nothing to do with Moon Knight. However, if you’re interested in getting to know the history and character of Tigra, you’re in for a treat.


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