Amazing Spider-Man #20 Review

Written by: Joe Kelly
Art by: Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson
Colors by: Terry Dodson
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover art by: John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Mario Menyz
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: February 22, 2023

Amazing Spider-Man #20 ends the guest creative team’s adventure with a snowy fight against a pack of tech-enhanced LARPers, the sharing of many feelings, and lots of pee jokes.

Is It Good?

Good God, what is this?!? Amazing Spider-Man #20 is the kind of comic that makes you wish you had a magic wand to reset everything and everyone at Marvel for forty years because living in the present is too painful to endure.

When last we left Spidey and Felicia on their weekend getaway gone horribly wrong, the tech bros’ boss was found dead, and the remaining “bros” decided to use their tech-enhanced LARPer gear to attack Spidey and his amazingly snarky friends.

Spider-Man, Felicia, and White Rabbit take the fight about as seriously as a flag football game in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Eventually, the LARPers are stopped and allowed to go on their merry way when it’s discovered their boss’s death is not what it seems.

The fight is energetic, but it’s infused with personal chit-chats with all the hallmarks of bad Whedon script, a LOT of pee jokes, and at least one or two jabs that appear to be directed at loyal Spider-Man readers. The dialog is trite, snarky, occasionally heartfelt, and spiteful.

Similarly to the writing is the abysmal art by the Dodsons. I don’t know what happened, but this art looks rushed, sloppy, and downright awful in a few panels. The coloring is slapdash, and there are a few panels where the linework looks like hasty scribbles (I’m not exaggerating).

Everything about this issue says, “Ehh, we didn’t have time or care that much, so we’re just going to toss this out. Pfft… whatever.”

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Final Thoughts:

Amazing Spider-Man #20 is shockingly bad. From terrible, Whedon-style, snarky dialog to repetitive pee jokes to surprisingly terrible art. Save your money.


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