Avengers Forever #14 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Art: James Towe, Aaron Kuder, Alex Sinclair, and VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 15, 2023

“There has only been one true master, and soon there shall be nothing else in all the heavens!” – Doom Supreme.


Avengers Assemble Chapter Seven:  This is the most significant gathering of Avengers in history. The Multiverse’s mightiest heroes, along with the Protectors of Prehistoric Earth, assemble with the Current Team of Avengers. At last, they all stand together in one place, united against one familiar foe! What enemy could ever warrant a team assembled across space and time? Doom the Living Planet has an answer!


Jason Aaron continues with the Steves, the Carols, the Dooms, the Thors, the Tonys, and the list goes on and on. Again, if you have been following this Battle Royale across time, it takes a flow chart of epic proportions to navigate. I’m starting to think that Loki looks a lot like Namor and that an obese Steve is pretty standard in this entire storyline. 

We see some other Avengers peppered into the mix and some tongue-in-cheek dialogue where Iron Man starts questioning his sobriety when he learns that one incarnation of himself is Ant-Man. However, as Jason Aaron marches us to the conclusion of this story arc, we do get a “Death Star Doom,” which is one for the record books.

Instead of Luke Skywalker shooting a photo torpedo in a structural weakness, we see Star Panther ripping one of its eyeballs out! Pretty intense stuff! All this and a giant Mephisto!


 For a while, this battle has been engaged, and while the narration from one of the Steves is a great dramatic tool, the struggle has been drawn out for what seems to be many, many issues. We are about three issues too long now in this storyline. As a reader, we are far from Mephisto altering the timelines to destroy Avengers to an entire mess that Jason Aaron has to write himself out of.  

In fact, it is like reading a Stephen King book when he was addicted to painkillers… a great beginning but no natural solid end in sight.

Final Thoughts:

Is there a Thanos Snap that gets rid of bad books? That may seem harsh, but less is definitely more, and we need less of all of this!


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