Avengers Forever #12 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron
Cover Artists: Aaron Kuder and Alex Sinclair
Penciller: Aaron Kuder
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 21, 2022
Reviewer: Dr. Carl Bryan

We are the Captains of the whole bloody Multiverse today! And we will die in our boots if that’s what it takes!  For the Dream!!! –  Captain Carter


 The All Steve Rogers Howling Commandos combined with the Carol Corps lead an army of Avengers that includes The Star Panther, The God of Fits, The Invincible Ant-Man, Tony Stark.

Are they enough to protect the Avengers Tower at Infinity’s End?  Mephisto and his army don’t think so!


If you were ever into taking elements of your favorite core hero and making them have “powers” or tools from other heroes, this is your comic.  Scatter your Legos on the floor and let’s build!  That is what Jason Aaron has provided in this issue where the biggest battle in the multiverse is taking place.

I love the Moon Knight and Vision sidebar with AntMan/Tony Stark.  Again, this scramble for powers is accentuated throughout the entire book.  However, there are so many Steve Rogers flying around at the disposal of Captain Carter, you may need to flip pages back and forth to see who is in the book.  That can get tedious.  

Positives #2 

Spoiler Alert…Marvel hit a home run with Old Man Logan.  The last frame of this book as a teaser… It appears to be the “Old Man and Old Woman” X-Men that have been deliciously crammed together like a Peanut Butter Cup!

So we have three versions of the Avengers, and a new X-Men team coming in to fight Mephisto?  Inhumans anyone?


Too many Carols…Too many Steves…Too many Barbies… well, not really, but you get my drift.  In the 1970s, action figures and their many variations were the hot toys.  We even celebrate that from the cinematic point of view with the upcoming sequel to Spiderman and his Spiderverse.  

However, there can only be one Carol Danvers, as there should be only one Captain America.  Marvel…get Tony Stark the proper armor and quit letting him use that Ant-Man device!

As you can see, I am all for the Superman/Bizarro world or letting Mr. Spock and his evil counterpart with a goatee wander around.  But this is too much ice cream and candy?  

Final Thoughts:

A lot of toys are on the floor.  All the action figures are there, and right when you think it is a bit of overkill, here comes the X-men.  I think that saved the day in this amalgamation of Steves and Carols!  


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