She-Hulk #8 Review

  • Written by: Rainbow Rowell
  • Art by: Takeshi Miyazawa
  • Colors by: Rico Renzi
  • Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover art by: Jen Bartel
  • Cover price: $3.99
  • Release date: November 16, 2022

She-Hulk #8 follows Mark and Becky, two scientists who feel entitled to the power others have, so they decide to create that power for themselves… with disastrous results.

Is It Good?

There is no She-Hulk in She-Hulk #8. What very patient readers receive is an issue-long flashback showing how Mark and Becky, the odd couple She-Hulk encountered in issue #5, are behind what little story there is in this series.

Mark and Becky are narcissistic scientists who believe they have every right to the power granted to others by accident or fate, so they set out on a mission to recreate the circumstances that granted She-Hulk her Hulk power. As expected, their quest ends badly. Mark becomes a low-IQ brute, and Becky becomes a big-headed brainiac. Realizing too late that a gamma radiation imbalance created their mess, they set out to kidnap the one person who could drain their gamma radiation and reset the imbalance – Jack of Hearts.

Why did it take until issue #8 to bring this revelation to light? Unknown. Why did Rainbow Rowel spend an entire issue on a flashback, devoting equal time to their romance as well as their unhappy accident? Unknown. How did an Earthbound scientist couple manage to kidnap Jack of Hearts years in the past when he was about to explode in space? They didn’t get to that part in this issue. See? Even in the flashbacks, Rowell is taking the scenic route.

Miyazawa’s art is fine. The character work developing Mark and Becky’s backstory is also fine, albeit unnecessarily extensive. And if you’ve kept up with the series to this point, you know what to expect – very little story that takes a long time to get to where it’s going.

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Bits and Pieces

She-Hulk #8 reveals (almost) all the secrets behind Jack of Hearts’ disappearance and how it plays into a secret villain She-Hulk didn’t know existed until now. You’ll enjoy this issue as long as you don’t mind reading a She-Hulk comic with no She-Hulk in it.


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