Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #5 Review

Written by: Tochi Onyebuchi
Art by: R.B. Silva, Julian Shaw
Colors by: Jesus Aburtov
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover art by: R.B. Silva, Jesus Aburtov
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: September 28, 2022

Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #5 brings Sam’s incursion into Wakanda to stop a terrorist attack to a close. Will Sam’s actions make things better or worse for Wakanda?

Is It Good?

Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #5 brings the conflict (not the arc) to an end as Crossbones, and the imminent threat to Wakanda, is stopped. This issue may be Onyebuchi’s most coherent comic in the series to date, but that doesn’t mean it’s very good. Some pieces don’t make sense, and others do, so you wind up with a mixed bag.

When last we left Sam, he was confronted by Black Panther for running a covert mission on Wakandan soil without permission. Now, the stubborn heroes fight – T’Challa in full Black Panther regalia and Sam in a football jersey. Your immediate and appropriate reaction should be, “There’s no way Sam is going to hold his own against Black Panther wearing his Vibranium suit,” and that would be the correct reaction. Unfortunately, that’s not what happens here.

Sam not only holds his own but almost wins, and this is what happens when a writer doesn’t do their research. In fairness, the fight is well-choreographed and entertaining enough, but it’s like watching a pro wrestling match where you know the combatants are mismatched, but it doesn’t matter because you also know the match is scripted. Any pretense of believability or tension is completely gone.

Sam barely loses and is rescued at the last minute by Falcon. Before the fight escalates, Wakandan forces intervene and send everyone to their mutual corners. Unhappy with Sam’s covert and US-sanctioned mission when he was explicitly warned to stay out of Wakanda, the Wakandan government stops all inbound immigration via the Wakandan Forever movement.

In other words, the ill-defined terror attack is stopped (why is it happening in the first place?), and Crossbones is taken into Wakandan custody, but the Wakandan government is so pissed about America’s involvement in Sam’s mission, they stop all inbound immigration. The end. But for the opening fight, this entire issue is a lot of bickering, political posturing, and drips and drabs of exposition to set up whatever White Wolf is planning next.

Again, this may be the most coherent issue of the run so far, but that’s not saying much because the foundation of the arc is weak. Why is White Wolf conspiring with terrorists to attack Wakanda? Why is Crossbones spearheading a Vibranium smuggling operation on White Wolf’s behalf? Why are Mexican nationals held hostage in White Wolf’s experimental facility? How does any of this arc elevate Sam as the heir apparent to the Captain America mantle?

At least the art by Silva and Shaw is enjoyable. The opening fight scene is well done, and the panel compositions are excellent, so you’ll enjoy the art if not the story.

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Final Thoughts:

Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #5 starts off with a fight that makes little sense and ends with a whimper instead of a bang. While the art is enjoyable and the individual issue is the most coherent of the run so far, the writer neglected to do basic research about the characters or how to construct a plot.


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