Ghost Rider #6 Review

Written by: Ben Percy
Art by: Brent Peeples
Colors by: Bryan Valenza
Letters by: VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover art by: Kael Ngu
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: September 7, 2022

Ghost Rider #6 pairs the Spirit of Vengeance with the Wolverine for a little ad hoc surgery to exorcise the malignant thing inside Johnny Blaze’s body. Doctor Pimple Popper ain’t got nothing on Logan.

Is It Good?

Ben Percy takes the slow road to storytelling by producing issues that effectively have only one or two things happen. In the last issue (a blatant redo of Percy’s script from Nightwing #48-49), Ghost Rider enters a devil’s race out of nowhere, seemingly to invent a way to get Ghost Rider together with Wolverine. Now, that pairing pays off as the sole purpose of this issue is to get Wolverine to cut out the demonic entity inhabiting Johnny Blaze’s scar.

That’s about it. There’s a little development on the B-Plot where we learn Zebediah changes alliances, but since there’s no clarity around what Alabaster and the Council are doing, the move has no weight to it. How can you tell if a sorcerer’s change of heart has importance if you don’t know what’s at stake or how his flip-flop affects the outcome?

There’s not much to this review because there’s not much to this issue. Wolverine cuts out the creepy crawly, and Zebediah switches teams. The end. Percy is relying on the worst kind of decompressed storytelling, and while Carnero’s visuals are interesting (who doesn’t love to see Wolverine’s claws imbued with Hellfire?), you’ll have to struggle to stay interested in a story that’s going nowhere fast.

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Final Thoughts:

Ghost Rider #6 has plenty of cool imagery, but Percy seems content to only develop one or two events of consequences per issue. In short, not much happens, so if you’re in for the long haul, you’ll have plenty of eye candy to keep you occupied. However, if you insist every issue should earn its cover price, you may want to wait for the trade.


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