Silk #5 Review

  • Written by: Emily Kim
  • Art by: Takeshi Miyazawa
  • Colors by: Ian Herring
  • Letters by: VC’s Ariana Maher
  • Cover art by: InHyuk Lee
  • Cover price: $3.99
  • Release date: May 18, 2022

Silk #5 concludes the arc with a battle across time and space to prevent an old Korean witch from resurrecting an ancient kingdom in the heart of NYC, with herself as the ultimate ruler.

Was It Good?

Silk #5ends the run the way it began – light, safe action, YA-ish character drama, and an easy peasy lemon squeezy ending. There’s not going to be much meat to this review because there isn’t much meat to this comic.

When last we left Silk in her aged-up body, she came face-to-face with the resurrected Korean witch who’d been draining life energy from influencers and celebrities with large followings. Now armed with enough power, the witch provides a surprisingly tropey villain monologue about her plan to bring the ancient kingdom she desperately wished to serve in the past, Joseon, into the present and rewrite the existence of everyone to be subjects in her reborn kingdom. Silk sees the witch has collected all the gathered power in an amulet, webs it, snatches it, smashes it, and pushes the witch through the portal. The end.

I’m being a bit flippant, but truly, that’s all there is to it. The story has all the heft of a Saturday Morning Cartoon, complete with a “happily ever after” ending and Silk learning to accept herself for the fourth or fifth time.

The art is generally serviceable. The linework isn’t especially detailed or clean, but it gets the job done. On the positive side, Herring’s coloring work is excellent.

Bits and Pieces

Silk #5 ends the arc the way it began – with a light, airy ending that fits right in as an Afterschool Special or a Scooby Doo Mystery. The action is fine but safe, the linework is adequate, and the coloring is very good. If you want some light superhero fare for the kids, this is a solid title. If you want hard-hitting drama, look elsewhere.


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