Silk #2 Review

Written by: Emily Kim
Art by: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colors by: Ian Herring
Letters by: VC’s Ariana Maher
Cover art by: InHyuk Lee
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: February 23, 2022

Silk #2 puts Cindy Moon on her next top story as an ancient Korean witch is attacking social media influencers with huge followings and turning them into geriatrics. What is the witch up to? Why is she attacking social media influencers? And why can’t Cindy seem to find a hobby that she likes?

Was It Good?

Silk #2 is a light, airy entry in this year’s volume as Cindy pounds the pavement to gather information about the witch resurrected in issue #1 so she can figure out why the witch is choosing her victims. Light and airy is the best way to put it because you never feel the weight of serious danger or stakes from the witch’s actions, and the mystery surrounding why the witch is doing what she’s doing doesn’t feel that complicated because the writer almost gives it all away in the first act of the issue.

As a guess, the witch gains strength through the power of believers, so she robs that strength from people who already have a huge contingent of believers. You know this because Cindy’s first stop is a museum visit to the exhibit where the witch was released. As a negative, the mystery isn’t much fun when you have a side character give it almost all away, leaving Cindy looking like a simpleton because you’ve figured it out before she has. As a positive, it’s nice to see a reporter/superhero who works for J. Jonah shown to put in the legwork to research a story.

Overall, the issue is a mix of some negative and some positives with everything else falling right in the middle.

Besides giving away the mystery, the rest of the negatives surround the lack of consequence or threats from the witch. Her minions attack a concert and are easily defeated by Silk and Luna, but there’s no follow-up, no sense of urgency, no feeling that Silk needs to get Luna to safety in case the witch attacks again. The stakes feel low.

The positives are filled out by the art from Miyazawa. There’s plenty of well-choreographed action and energy in the comic. The characters are expressive, and the overall comic flows nicely from one panel to the next.

Final Thoughts

Silk #2 is a nice, pleasant, safe comic. Safety is the high point and its downfall because the character beats and relationship building works well enough but the threat level from a centuries-old witch is treated as no more than an inconvenience.


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