Moon Knight #7 Review

Written by: Jed MacKay
Art by: Federico Sabbatini
Colors by: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover art by: Cory Smith, Rachelle Rosenberg
Cover price: $3.99
Release date: January 19, 2022

Moon Knight #7 begins Marc Spector’s manhunt for Zodiac. As a succession of thugs and criminals brings Spector closer to the truth, we learn not everyone on Spector’s team is being completely honest about their loyalties.

Was It Good?

Well, well. Where has this Jed MacKay been for the last six-issue?

Moon Knight #7 is exactly the right mix of badassery tinged with uncertain crazy wrapped in a Batman-esque manhunt for a killer with designs for our main hero. Moon Knight fans should be well and truly pleased with this issue. This issue primarily works on two levels.

First, Moon Knight uses his reputation among the superstitious and cowardly lot of street-level criminals to beat and intimidate the answers out of every lead. The opening scene in a criminal bar practically sings with badass coolness, and it’s a crying shame we haven’t gotten more of that scene in this series. Moon Knight is depicted expertly using fear and intimidation to find his target, and every scene works against criminals that are sometimes silly (looking at you 8-Ball) and sometimes genuinely formidable. Moon Knight doesn’t just use fists and weapons here. He knows how to get in his opponent’s head just as well, and the display of prowess is impressive.

On another level, the mystery surrounding Zodiac is done surprisingly well. The tiniest of hints are dropped as Spector makes his way through each criminal to help build a history of where Zodiac has been and what he’s been doing. Zodiac’s motives and intentions aren’t dropped just yet, but every scene gives you a little nugget that starts to form a picture of the main villain.

Now, we’re onto a proper story with a proper challenge and a proper villain. Hopefully, it isn’t coming seven issues too late.

The art in this issue is great. What continues to stand out in this series is Rachelle Rosenberg’s use of highlight effects to give Moon Knight a moon glow that draws attention to him in every panel. It’s a little detail that makes a strangely wonderful difference.

Final Thoughts

Moon Knight #7 packs and long-awaited punch as Marc Spector works through the criminal underworld to track down the deadly Zodiac. Every panel exudes a badass character that’s not to be messed with, accomplished by great writing and phenomenal art. As good as the art is, it’s made even better by Rosenberg’s special coloring touches. This is the issue that feels like a proper return for Moon Knight.


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