Way of X #2 Review

Written By: Si Spurrier
Art By: Bob Quinn
Color By: Java Tartaglia
Letters By: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Cover Art By: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marte Garcia
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 19, 2021

Way of X #2 partners Nightcrawler with Legion in a quid pro quo relationship that will either help Nightcrawler out of his existential funk or rip existence to shreds. Not only is Legion NOT the Patchwork Man, he’s stuck in a bit of a pickle (jar) himself and needs some mutant help to get out of it. Will Nightcrawler help me to help you to help me to help you? Basically, yes.

Was It Good?

It’s tough to tell. The immediate reaction after finishing the issue is that Si Spurrier is trying very hard to make readers of this issue feel like Low-IQ dummies. Lots of twisting, winding existential concepts about reality, existence, Legions legion of personalities, and the revelation of who’s pulling the strings and why.

When you peel away the thousands of layers, the story is practically straightforward but Spurrier twists, zigs, and zags so rapidly, you need a map and some Dramamine to keep everything straight. The story is still there, and it’s a good story, but you have to tune out a fair bit of noise to get there.

The art is solid. The characters look good, the setting looks good, and it all plays against the writing very well.

Also, Doop’s puke is rainbow-colored. You learn something new every day.

What’s It About?


We pick up where we left off with issue #1 as Nightcrawler encounters Legion in a cemetery. Nightcrawler is looking for answers but Legion is only interested in self-serving solutions. Legion invades Nightcrawlers mind, which looks like a pirate ship populated by assorted, swashbuckling version of Nightcrawler and removes a tainted “coin” attached to the ship. It’s unclear what the coin actually does except it doesn’t belong there and it was placed in Nightcrawlers mind to do something. Track him? Confuse him? Who knows.

When Kurt asks who or why would do such a thing, Legion only responds with “favor for a favor” (this is a recurring theme throughout their relationship in this issue.) Legion tells Kurt to get some mutant muscle and meet him at his physical body (this is only an astral projection of Legion.)

Kurt teleports back to Krakoa and gets Pixie and Dr. Nemesis to come with him. They teleport to the location Legion put in Kurt’s head — an Orchis facility in the desert. The Orchis personnel are dead and they find Legion, or what’s left of him, hooked up to the machines inside. The only piece of Legion left is his brain, suspended in a jar. It takes a while and a whole lot of gobbledy goop exposition to figure it out.

Orchis somehow got Legion’s brain. They then isolated the main personality of David Haller from the brain and “kicked it out.” Orchis then used the myriad superpowered personalities inside Legion’s brain to run simulations of life on Krakoa with where there is no death and consequences. The simulations prove that society and order collapse on Krakoa, and it is “inevitable.”

The collapse takes time, however, and Orchis has developed a way to accelerate the collapse. Before Legion will divulge any more information, Nightcrawler must return the favor… and kill Legion’s brain to free him and allow him to regenerate on Krakoa.

This part does present an interesting dilemma because he’s being asked to kill as an act of merciful release. But is he really killing if Legion will be resurrected on Krakoa?

Kill, he does, and Legion is resurrected on Krakoa. Xavier decides not to reboot Legion’s mind, but SURPRISE, Legion doesn’t need Xavier’s help and reboots his own mind. Legion half-heartedly promises not to interfere with Xavier or Magneto’s work or their little dress-up party (see Hellfire Gala)as he doesn’t trust either of them, only Nightcrawler.

As Nightcrawler stroll off on the ever of the Hellfire Gala, Legion reveals the catalyst introduced by Orchis to accelerate Krakoa’s inevitable descent into destruction is… Onslaught.

After all that, there are questions. So many questions. But that’s it. That’s the end.

  • Wait, what about the coin in Nightcrawler’s mind? What is it? I have no idea.
  • How did Orchis get Legion’s physical brain? No clue.
  • How does Orchis “introduce” Onslaught into Krakoan society? How is that possible? I don’t know and it sounds weird just thinking about it.
  • Isn’t Legion more powerful than Onslaught? Legion will fix this. Right? Unknown.
  • What does any of this have to do with Nightcrawler inventing a religion? Unknown.
  • With all of this going on, is Nightcrawler still dressing up like a foofy pirate and going to the Hellfire Gala? It seems so. Even the fuzzy elf’s dignity is not safe from the Hellfire Gala.

Final Thoughts:

Way of X #2 has interesting plot points and reveals a lot of interesting pieces, but there’s so much going on in a swirly jumble that you need to have Legion’s powers to keep it all straight. The story is still there, but this issue got away from Spurrier a little bit.


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