Beta Ray Bill #2 Review

Finding the Humor in Heartbreak

Written By: Daniel Warren Johnson
Art By: Daniel Warren Johnson
Colors By: Mike Spicer
Letters By: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Art By: Daniel Warren Johnson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 28th, 2021

Beta Ray Bill #2 brings readers along on Bill’s voyage of self-discovery as he searches for Odin to craft him a new, magical hammer. Bill finds Odin and picks up a few traveling companions along the way, but what Bill wants, Odin can’t give. However, Odin proposes another path that will take Bill into the depths of Hell to get the magic he seeks.

Was It Good?

Yes. It was highly amusing. Where the first issue painted Beta Ray Bill’s life as sad and pitiful, here he’s buoyed by a mission with personal purpose, and Johnson leans into humor with some (old?) new traveling companions.

The art is consistently good for the tone and timbre of the story Johnson is telling. Special appreciation goes to Spicer for making some excellent color choices that amplify the pop factor.

What’s It About?


When last we left Beta Ray Bill, he was heading off to parts unknown to find Odin. Beginning this issue, Bill wanders the galaxy looking for any lead to Odin’s whereabouts. As Skuttlebutt navigates the ship to his next destination, an intruder magically appears in the ships galley.

It’s Skurge! Returned from Valhalla because the lack of guns is too boring. He witnessed Sif’s rejection of Bill and came back to the world of the living to be Bill’s wingman.

Pause. Skurge’s return and intent sounds ludicrous but it completely works in presentation with the art and dialog. Highly entertaining.

Skurge’s access to the information of Valhalla means he knows where Odin is living. They set course and arrive at a rundown watering hole on the far side of the galaxy. Bill asks the low-class patrons if they’ve seen Odin, and of course, the encounter results in a bar fight with unsavory characters. Skurge flexes his fighting prowess that he’s so dearly missed while dead, and not long after the fight’s begun, Pip arrives to help out.

Pip has secretly been following Bill since he left Asgard, and he’s determined to help his comrade-in-arms find his happiness. When the brawl is done, in walks Odin wearing a wife beater and carrying a keg of homemade brew.

They chat, and despite Bills insistent pleas, Odin no longer has the magic to grant his wish. However, there is another way. If Bill goes to Muspelheim, he’ll find in its depths Surtur’s blade, Twilight. It has the magic Bill seeks.

Bill, Pip, and Skurge go the Stygian Gate to cross over into Muspelheim. When they cross over, the ships systems go haywire and Skuttlebutt goes offline. Suddenly, as the ship is ready to crash, an android enters the ships bridge.

It’s Skuttlebutt converted by the magic of Muspelheim into a living being. What the…?!?

Final Thoughts:

Beta Ray Bill #2 replaces the grim and sad introduction to the titular character with a sense of purpose and perfectly intermingled humor. This is an adventure well worth the trip so far.


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