Black Cat #3 Review

Written By: Jed MacKay
Art By: C.F. Villa
Colors By: Brian Reber
Letters By: Ferran Delgado
Cover Art By: Pepe Larraz, Marte Garcia
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 24, 2021

In BLACK CAT #3, the Staff of Yggdrasil gets inside Felicia Hardy’s (aka Black Cat’s) head for a little chat while her body powers up into a Norse god on the outside. The two play a lengthy game of “let me take over your body as a host in exchange for the power to make all your dreams come true.” Ultimately, Hardy is tempted more than Jesus in the desert and she must decide if it’s worth bring the power of all creation into the mortal world if it means saving everyone.

Was It Good?

Yes, in a different kind of way from the previous issue. Up to this point in the King In Black tie-in, it’s been all out action and fun. This issue is more introspective and literally gets inside Hardy’s head to understand what makes her tick and motivates her to be who she is. It’s a thoughtful piece but still has enough WOW moments to keep visual attention.

What’s It About?


After gripping the Staff of Yggdrasil and turning into a Valkyrie-esque warrior in gold armor (see last issue), Hardy is suddenly in an empty room facing Black Fox… or what’s taken on Black Fox’s appearance. He explains he is old, wild magic and taken on this form so Hardy can relate to what she’s communicating with.

Fox, is the ancient magic that powers life and creation itself, and he wants out of the staff, but he needs a host body. Rather than force or coerce, the sly old Fox (heh! See what I did there?) offers her infinite power to create any reality she wants — Resurrect her dead father. Smite the enemies that have harmed her in the past, especially Venom. Anything she wants.

As any good thief should be, Hardy is skeptical and asks for a demonstration. Out in the physical world Norse Black Cat effortlessly smites the cloud of Knull dragons attacking her and her crew. In the midst of the mayhem, Dr. Strange finally wakes up. Bats the ghost dog brings Doc up to speed, and Doc explains Hardy’s condition is extremely dangerous. They can’t knock the staff out of her hand; she must give it up of her own free will. If Hardy agrees to Creation’s proposal, the threat could be more dangerous than Knull.

Back inside, Fox sets up a “tell her what she’s won” gameshow-style presentation to continue to tempt her to accept the offer. With each presentation, Hardy gets more and more excited, but Fox makes a critical mistake. When he makes his last temptation, Hardy is repulsed instead of tempted and she completely reject the offer which releases the Staff of Yggdrasil from her grip.

With Black Cat back in the real world and her old self and Dr. Strange awake and ready for the battle, they charge into battle before the next issue.

Final Thoughts

BLACK CAT #3 takes a break from the outrageous action to walk us down Hardy’s memory lane of pains and regrets. When the power of creation offers her the ability to set every wrong right, we get a much deeper sense of authenticity to Hardy’s character and an appreciation for the character she’s grown into.


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