Guardians of the Galaxy #8 Review

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Cory Smith, David Curiel, VC’s Cory Petit, Dean White, and Mike Henderson

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 21, 2019

Well Rigor mortis Rocket is back to tell a story of life, love, and happiness. Of how he was raised by a little boy in a kindly home filled with gum drops and rainbows. Where taffy was pulled on Tuesdays and cotton candy was….ummm…errr….cottoned? on Wednesdays.

Nah not really, Rockets life is a story of pain. He was originally a service pet. He would bring joy to insane man on a planet filled with insane people. The people were so insane on this planet the people that built it handed it down to someone else who intern built robots to handle the insane. 

Those robots made the insane more insane and eventually the robots were the ones who operated on Rocket and made him into the creature he is today. Most of this information didn’t feel like it was new information even though I have never seen it played out completely before. If you have been following Rocket over the years you kind of knew this, or at the very least it has been inferred over the years. It doesn’t make it any less heart wrenching to watch it happen. 

At the end of this horrific flashback rebirth sequence Rocket says how he started to not feel right. He started to feel like he was dying and admits that he didn’t want to be seen as a weak dying thing. He has given up hope and I AM GROOT has had enough. Groot pretty much calls his friend a pussy and says buck up lets go save our friends and find away to heal you. Rocket agrees and goes to suit up in a sweet looking Gundam Fighter.

Meanwhile, on the Flagship Temple-Destroyer shit gets turned up to eleven! We find out the plan of the Universal Church of Truth and it’s exactly like their old plans but with a twist. Let’s just say “A School of Cocoons”{™} would be a really cool band name.

I have been harping on this book for awhile now for having too many characters with not enough for everyone to do. There is that still but there is motivation behind the sidelining of characters now. They are under control of the Church. That is a plus. The dual story telling also helps pick up the pace of this sad story. 

The art, excluding the cover, is awesome. It gave me the feels multiple times. That Gundam looked like I was seeing it on the store shelf and it had me smiling like I was getting to buy it.

Final Thoughts:

We are on two of six of this arc and my emotions and anticipation have been throttled around like a bowling pin in a washing machine already. I swear on the Church of Truth that this issue and the last issue are Guardian of the Galaxy books you will want to buy.


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