Star Wars #67 Review


Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Angle Unzueta
Colors by Guru FX
Lettering by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Gerald Parel
Edited by Mark Paniccia
Assistant Editor Tom Groneman

This issue sees the end of writer Kieron Gillen’s extended run on the Star Wars series. It has been a fun and interesting run on the book which closes this stage of the longer tale as well as the specific “The Scourging of Shu-Torun” story arc.



Last issue saw our Rebels in a
perilous position with Trios on the verge of annihilation and the
Imperials bearing down upon the small Rebel force. This is an interesting close to the story arc. We see a nuanced exchange throughout the issue between the Rebels led by Leia and the
remnants of Jedha’s Partisans led by Bethnic. The exchange (not unlike that seen in this week’s Aphra book) is one around what separates good from bad, and what limitations those fighting the Empire must place on their own activities to stop them becoming what they are fighting against. Meanwhile the Imperial forces are ruthless, but it is a ruthlessness that is suddenly curtailed in an interesting way once Vader enters the book.


The persistent trait of this title, which elevates the experience of
reading, is the quality of the artistic rendering of our famous
beloved characters. I love with this title that you can really immerse
yourself in the old Original Trilogy.

The parting panel in this issue
just gives you that warm feeling of being one of a band of friends
fighting against the Empire with only each other to rely on. You don’t get that too much from other Star Wars content these days but you will with this title. An enjoyable close to an exciting tale.


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