Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 Review

Story by: Saladin Ahmed
Art by: Javier Garron
, David Curiel and VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 22, 2019

Really enjoyed reading the Ultimate Spider-Man and this book feels like I am reading it again except for the Ganke part. Remember Ganke being this funny and scene stealer character. Guess maturity took another victim. So far in this series run we have Miles writing in his journal what he has been up to which I give it another few more issues before it is taken and someone knows who Spider-Man is. Apparently Miles girlfriend/ girl who is a friend has known for a while who he really is. Hopefully we get clarification on that! Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The issue opens up right where it left off, Miles is off to stop Tombstone but when he gets to Tombstone’s safe house an unknown character beats the living crap out of Tombstone’s goons. Unfortunately for him, this new character, Starling, doesn’t know who Spider-Man is and who side he is on, which feel like it’s pretty hard to not know who’s side Spider-Man is on. She attacks him which prompts him to fight back. Which shows how slick Miles can be. After just going with her gut that Miles is not on the side of Tombstone, she reveals she is from Detroit and she means business when trying to find Tombstone, all throughout her talk, all I could think about if this was going to be Mile’s version of Black Cat.. Miles gives her a place where he could contact her and they agree that they should work together on this case, right before she flies away in the sky. I will give the book credit, it always amazes me on how great the artwork is! Can just spend time after time flipping through the pages looking at the art.

Later at Mile’s school, Brooklyn Vision Academy, Miles and Ganke are being harassed by a fellow classmate, Sean. Before things get to the next level, the Vice Principal shows up and dismisses Ganke and Sean in order to let Miles know that he is on to him. It’s nice to know that things get carried over even in a standalone one-shot, some writers not much get carried over to another story. I really hope this becomes something whether Sean has some issues and that is why he is taking it out on them or something! Hoping they don’t just make him the Flash Thompson of the book.

After being grilled by the Vice Principal, it’s time for Barbara to let him come clean about who he really is. Which hopefully soon we find out how she knows whether it’s just she figured it out by noticing his disappearance and Spider-Man’s appearance. She goes off on him and lets him know to either to her his secret or they are nothing. Lucky he is saved text from Starling.

They meet at Tombstone’s place where she reveals she wants to kill him for him killing her best friend and makes a go for the roof. Miles tries to stop her but gets to the roof second as she is wrecking havoc on Tombstone’s crew. Now here comes boss level when Tombstone comes barging in with a machine gun. The team of Miles and Starling easily took down Tombstone but as Starling took Tombstone up in the air ready to drop him, Miles shows us how smart he can be as he pulls a trick to have her save Tombstone. As they are watching from above the police take Tombstone in, she reveals who she is. Vulture’s granddaughter. And she takes it hard when he doesn’t reveal who he really is, which come on, do you blame him. As she yells at him about secrets, Miles reveals he took a file from Tombstone’s place that caught his attention, although we don’t get what is in the file but it does make him go to his uncle Aaron.

Final Thoughts:

This book feels so much like a Spider-Man character without being Peter Parker. Both the art and the writer is superb to when it comes to Spider-Man! However, I need more from Miles life. The deal with Barbara needs more explanation and give Ganke more time with his buddy! That friendship is squad goals! Do like the new character Starling and hopefully we see her soon whether it’s a cameo or for longer. Highly recommend this book.


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