Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 Review

Written by: Saladin Ahmed
Art by: Javier Garron, David Curiel, and VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 9, 2019

Now my knowledge of Miles would be on par with a college level team. I remember first reading his first couple of story arcs years ago, as well as the first few stories of Champions in 2016. Was digging the character back then, and was excited to hear about this new run. With the last issue leading us to a team-up with Miles, Rhino, and Captain America, can these three co-exist? Or will Rhino’s old ways come in play? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start the issue exactly where we left off, with Captain America confronting Miles and Rhino and letting them know that whatever they are up to, they aren’t going to do it alone, his friend the Congresswoman requested the aide of Captain America. And while Captain was going to scorn Rhino a new one, all it takes is Miles saying, “We’re working together.” Which with all the trouble he has caused, would have preferred if Captain was having him on a tight leash. But instead, they have a normal conversation like three heroes fighting crime.

It’s Captain who asks Miles what is the plan, which for him you can tell how important that meant to him. Captain gives Miles some solid advice who really “aww” over it. And on the page that Captain is giving Miles advice, that is some beautiful art! When we see Mile’s plan in action as they try and track down whoever stole the kids. Luckily they find the kids fast, unfortunately, it’s the kids who are attacking them and Rhino does not like to be attacked. Miles and Captain have to think fast to hold back Rhino and subdue the kids.

They successfully do both and they meet the person responsible for kidnapping the kids, Snatcher. Snatcher by having eye contact on adults can power him up while turning their brains to mush. However, eye contact with kids, he can make them obey him. Which you would have thought it is the other way around, whereas a kid’s brain isn’t fully developed and isn’t strong so their brain shouldn’t be able to handle eye contact.

But somehow, Captain America’s brain is fighting back, which due to how old he is you would have thought he really can’t handle the eye contact. With one headbutt, Captain America frees everyone from his mind control. A guy who can control the kids from a far distance while talking to others, just loses control over a headbutt? Seems a bit easy. Now that he is down, Miles orders Rhino to get the kids home which if a kid saw the Rhino telling them which way to go, they would probably scream and run the other way.

Miles punches Snatcher but that doesn’t knock him out, instead, he gets mad at gets every kid to point a gun at another kid and threatens to kill every one of them. Miles couldn’t bear to see it happening and begins to give in to Snatcher but Eduardo couldn’t stand for that and tries to break free, which angers Miles and Venom Blast Snatcher.

Captain America calls in his congresswoman so help with the kids and thanks Rhino for the assistance before he is called in to help with the current Avenger’s story and leaves Rhino and Miles. As well as Rhino who is about to leave right before Mile’s told him to cheer up and everything that has just happen everything will be alright. Which made Rhino’s day, hopefully, we see more of Mile’s and Rhino team up (because we know Rhino isn’t a fan of Peter Parker)

The next day at school, Barbara informs Miles that Eduardo is safe and back home due to Spider-Man and how he is not doing great since, so to help him cheer up she is going to take him to see a scary movie. After all surviving a scary movie should be nothing compared to surviving a “super villain”. With also noting that only Spider-Man could know what he is going for, with looking suspiciously at Miles. Does she know? Is she just messing? Seems like we have something big coming our way

Final Thoughts:

What a quick end to the first story arc! Unfortunately, feel like it was a bit too quick and easy! Not much of an inner battle between the trio! Another issue or two would have made the story a bit better as well as maybe some adult henchmen for Snatcher. But overall hope to see more team-ups with Miles and Rhino or Miles and Rhino. Art was beautiful and the dialogue was great! Just needed to be a bit longer of a story.


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