The Punisher #8 Review

Written by: Matthew Rosenberg
Art: Szymon Kudranski, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 13, 2019

Frank is back! Again! I’m not sure if it’s just me and with how insanely busy I’ve been trying to catch up after being sent interstate for work a couple weeks ago but it seems like this #7 came out like last week but I’m certainly not complaining as, as I’ve said it’s definitely one of my favorite books coming out these days.

The book has been building towards this issue since Frank got handed over to Hydra by Nick Fury and his ass locked up in the hydra run Prison in the state of Bagalia where Baron Zemo is attempting to give the appearance at least of running a legitimate state.

In the time he’s been incarcerated Frank has been filling his days basically beating the shit out of Hydra guards at the prison and generally being a pain in the ass while as we learned in the last issue Baron Zemo had declared that he was not to be killed.  While he was protected from being killed he was not protected from taking a beating and ended up getting all he could handle and being beat to within an inch of his life in the last issue and waking in the infirmary and finally agreeing to lead the Sisters takeover of the prison.

This issue starts with Frank in court in Bagalia in a sham trial t where he is being tried for the crimes of the fake Frank that has been publically causing mayhem throughout Bagalia and being reported across the world.  Frank ends up stabbing his own lawyer in the throat and going back into jail.

The majority of the issue is Frank and his new army of prisoners setting up an elaborate prison break/home alone style plan to take over the jail which was quite entertaining to read.  Like most of the series while it’s unique in its own way the elaborate prison break trope is nothing new but the way in which the plan is put together and how well it’s written made it a very fun read.

At the end of the day, the plan comes together perfectly and Frank and his new army end up taking control of the prison with an obligatory fiery explosion.

I found this book to be a pretty quick read with a lot of the set up of the plot to be pretty art driven which I enjoyed.  I’ve heard people say they are not super keen on the art which I’m starting to agree is a bit inconsistent at times especially Ifid Frank face is drawn a little weird sometimes.  I really like the layouts quite a bit and always find Antonio Fabela one of the best colorists in the business and am starting to think he’s saving the art a little at times. I still like the art quite a bit but just find it a little inconsistent.


Another really enjoyable issue didn’t have as much Frank just kicking ass as I usually come for but just found the whole set up of the plot to take over the prison and execution of said plot very fun to read.

Really looking forward to seeing where it goes from here as it seems to set up quite a bit of future plot moving forward now Frank is in control of the prison and has his own new army which I really like the idea of.  Again, I really just like the quiet linear method of storytelling Rosenberg is using here and he just knows the character and knows what Punisher fans want.

Final Thoughts:

A very enjoyable read that sets up some really interesting situations that I’m looking forward to seeing how are resolved over the next few issues.


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