Runaways #26 REVIEW

Writer: Rainbow RowellArtist: Andres Genolet and Dee CunniffePrice: $3.99Release Date: October 30, 2019 Not going to lie, but very shocked that this book hasn’t even been announced that it is ending. The sales for this book really should be some concern for Marvel. Hopefully with the sudden change, is what the book needs to be a great book again. Although it kind of reminds me … Continue reading Runaways #26 REVIEW

Marvel Comic Solicits January 2020

Marvel Comic Solicits for January 2020 Continue reading Marvel Comic Solicits January 2020

Runaways #25 REVIEW

Recently, I read the ending story arc to the 2005-2008 run and even then the story arc, seemed a bit of a stretch. But, at least the story arc had a nice flow to it while this just feels like a continuous story arc with nothing actually happening. If they announced this series to be done at issue 30, I would not care. I just hoped the series would go out strong. When the series got done with Bo and Rim, the book seemed to be lost and had no clue where to go from there. Is Rainbow all out of ideas? Let’s dig in and find out… Continue reading Runaways #25 REVIEW

RUNAWAYS #24 Review

I have read a lot of Runaways comics, including this current run, and I have been getting more and more wary that this book, it’s concept and it’s team were getting a bit stale. I think the biggest problem is they need a good villain to heat things up. The book has always been better when the team can focus on taking a down an enemy and so, my Runaways wish list has that one item on it. Do I get an early Christmas present this week? Let’s find out… Continue reading RUNAWAYS #24 Review

RUNAWAYS #24 Preview

Look out, West Coast Avengers and Superior Spider-Man! Karolina Dean is searching for a sense of purpose as California’s NEWEST SUPER HERO! A chance at self-actualization is the best reason to put your life on the line for others! Right? But what consequences await the Runaways if Nico has to use her magic to support Karolina and keep her safe? Continue reading RUNAWAYS #24 Preview