About Us

So, for some odd reason, you want to know all about us? Well, alrighty then, Here goes:

Branden Murray

Branden lives in Buffalo, NY and if that doesn’t tell you everything there is to know about him, then I’m not sure what will. Besides eating wings for every meal, he loves Wolverine, Spider-Man and Josh Allen (not in that order). He has a lovely daughter, McKenna, who pops on the podcast now and again and calls his wife his roommate. He is the originator of the phrase “Let’s Discuss” and wears denim any chance he gets!

Jim Werner

Jim hails from Quakertown, PA which sounds a lot nicer than it is. He fashions himself a beat box legend and love Honey Badger, Riri Williams and Moon Girl. He stays up way too late and gets up way too early and it is bound to kill him one of these days.