Age Of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #2 Review

Written By: Seanan McGuire
Art By: Juan Frigeri
Cover By: Guru-eFX, Shane Davis, and Michelle Delecki
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 20, 2019

After reading last issue, wasn’t too thrilled to be reading this weeks issue. Seemed just like an issue of life of the average celebrity with the meetings and the parties. There is one thing that all of these Age of X-Man books have in common and that’s mutants being in love and having sex. While the cliffhanger didn’t grab my attention, here’s hoping that this issue explores the repercussion and the aftermath of Kurt’s one night stand, let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The issue starts off just where the last one left off, with Kurt on the side of the bed thinking about what has just occurred with him and Meggan. Meggan wakes up and there you see what would happen to anyone who just had a one night stand, the awkward “How did this happen?” To which automatically comes the, blame the alcohol part. As Kurt and Meggan try to figure out what to do about the situation, Kurt suggests telling someone. To which I’ll give props to Juan for the artwork on Meggan’s face, priceless. She simply comes back with, “You’re screwed, I’m screwed, and the studios is screwed, so no telling anyone!” At which point, Kurt acts really immature and poofs out of the awkward situation.

He poofs in a tree at a perfectly good view spot to see a kid who is about to get run over by a car for chasing a frog. The little mutant boy thanks him and is ecstatic that he got to meet an X-man. To Kurt’s pleasure he goes on a rave saying how much he matters because well he is an X-man, could be the wording but seems like in Kurt’s mind if he wasn’t an X-man he would not matter. So he does matter and decides to poof back to face his fears.

He poofs back and confronts Meggan about what to do. Kurt couldn’t let her deal with this alone, he suggests that they just put it behind them and go back to how things where in the past. However, Meggan suggests the opposite in which they don’t go back to how things used to be, that her powers are stronger when they are together, plus she says that she might love him. Totally relatable page! We’ve all been there, did a huge mistake and next morning they have feelings for you. Meggan explains that maybe love isn’t as bad as what they were taught to believe. Maybe they can teach the young mutants that love is a good thing. Kurt agrees to it right before poofing her home.

Later at Studio X, there is a meeting taking place with Mastermind Studios. In which Regan Wyngarde, suggests a merger between the two companies. Especially how one of her own employees spends a good amount of time already at the studio, Phoebe. Kurt mentions that she needs to stay connected to her sisters, otherwise it is not safe for her. Unfortunately, the meeting doesn’t go as any of them planned and Regan storms out of the building. Irma Cuckoo informs Kurt that if she really wanted to do damage to the studio, she would just let Phoebe go and have her work at his studio. It would show family love and that is breaking the rules as she warns Kurt that breaking the rules is wrong and there will always be consequences.

Afterwards, Kurt and Meggan do a training session with personal trainer Amara and personal trainer Colin. As Meggan is discussing why her character in always forgets to fly when she is in danger, the ceiling collapse in. While Colin suggests a pipe burst to cause it, Amara quickly explains to them that her powers informs her that the ceiling didn’t fall on accident, that someone caused it. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that it was Regan who caused it. Kurt choose to handle it himself and not get the X-man involved. Right after everyone leaves, Meggan hands Kurt a note for a location to meet her later that night.

Later that night, Kurt heads to where Meggan told him to go, only to be recognized by some sketchy girl telling him to go right through this door and it will blow his mind. When Kurt goes through the door he walks right into a basically a club where people can go to dance, kiss, and have some fun! Rule is to wear a mask so people don’t know its you. Would be a good idea except as soon as Kurt gets in there, he recognizes someone who is already in a mask and his own appearance is not easy to miss. He freaks out and leaves the building as he poofs out on her again. Twice in one day. As he returns home, he enters his room to find none other than, Mystique telling that she is here to explain everything!

Final Thoughts:

I will give this creative team this, without Juan Frigeri, I have no idea why someone would come back to this book. They’re scenes that went on longer than they should have, that mix with the dialogue makes the issue a bit boring! Two things that did occur here that hope they really mean something in next issue is the return of Mystique and the collapse of the ceiling, if not then I don’t know what will make me come back to this book which is a shame due to Kurt being one of my favorite X-Man.


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